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Welcome to the Stay Safe Instructional Programs.

Stay Safe Instructional Programs (SSIP) is a Specialized Training and Special Event Security Coordination and Management firm with a strong focus on security awareness and training. SSIP is a wholly-owned and operated Canadian company that provides “Court Defensible” training programs that are designed to protect the No. 1 asset of most private and public firms, the Employee while mitigating the risk of civil and criminal liability.

Resistance Management Systems Training

Stay Safe IP is pleased to introduce our “Managing of Resistive BehaviourTM program (M.O.R.B.TM) has been designed to address the need for a safe and effective method of dealing with people who are displaying various levels of resistance (from passive to active). The program was developed in conjunction with front-line professionals in the healthcare, educational and security industry to mitigate the risk of civil and criminal liability. more

Stay Safe brings a unique method of delivering its recognized “Court Defensible” training systems that comply with every level of government legislation from Local to Federal. SSIP has established a strong reputation based on its moral and ethical practices in delivering high quality customized training to its clientele. SSIP specializes in providing IN-HOUSE training programs to contract and proprietary security providers to meet the current legislative requirements within the jurisdiction, such as Ontario where the training regulations restrict the type of training that can be received.  SSIP is an “Approved Training Provider” in the Provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. (two of the few provinces requiring Trainers to be approved)  more


Expert Opinion

A competitive advantage that we are able to provide our clients (whether they be corporate, institutional, or the legal profession) is the Court and Industry recognized “Expert Status” that we have developed. If you are a Lawyer, Union, Association or other interested party seeking an Expert Opinion with respect to an issue involving a “Use of Force” application, a criminal or civil investigation, we are in a position to provide an unbiased Expert opinion that in many cases has lead to a satisfactory conclusion without going through a Court process. more


   Special Event Security Management

In partnership with our key consultants, SSIP provides special event security management for large or smaller events. The SSIP principals have successfully managed the security requirements at special events as diverse as the SARS concert in Downsview to the AIDS 2006 and AIDS 2008 conferences in Toronto and Mexico City. We bring a wealth of experience and communications skills to assist in dealing with security, law enforcement, VIPs, VVIPs, etc. We have the requisite credentials and reputation to deal appropriately with the various agencies that could be involved in a special event.  more


   Emergency Preparedness Planning and Training

Stay Safe Instructional Programs (SSIP) has partnered with experts in the field to develop and deliver Emergency Preparedness Plans for various organizations, utilizing the internationally recognized Incident Management Systems (IMS) standard. As a result we are particularyl adept in the areas of review and delivery of programs, manuals and most importantly IMS training (from table-tops to real time full exercises. more


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